Hello I’m Erin 

Mother of 3

Certified Institute for Integrative Nutrition Health Coach specialising in

Gastrointestinal wellness.

I am deeply passionate about helping YOU to reduce your toxic load & restore your gut health so YOU can get back to living your best life

I bring decades of experience in the health field and thrive helping women to feel empowered about creating wellness in their life through simple, natural and easy to implement health routines that get results

Are you ready to feel empowered with the knowledge and the tools to restore your digestive health and improve your whole body’s wellness with me by your side?

I have created this 5 Week Gut Health Program loaded with education and simple strategies with you in mind

We begin August 23rd

What is included in the 5 Week Gut Health Program?



• 1 hr Personal Holistic Health Consultation with me to dive deep into your health and wellness needs 

 • Exclusive Weekly Group Coaching call via Zoom for 5 weeks (Lifetime access to recordings)   

 • Members only exclusive Facebook community to ask questions, interact with other members and access bonus content 

 • Ebooks to help you reduce your toxic load and create simple wellness routines at home  

 • Gut loving, nutritious recipes + educational handouts (PDF downloads ready to print) 

 • Encouragement, support and a nurturing learning environment  

Topics covered   
~Week OneGut Health Introduction 

~Week Two~ Stress or Digest, how stress impacts digestion

~Week Three~ The Gut and Hormone Health (including Thyroid) 

 ~Week Four~ Healthy and resilient Immune system 
 ~Week Five ~ Food choices for a Thriving Gut

The 5 WEEK Program investment is

$222 Early Bird (Ends August 9th) SAVE $111 

$333 Standard (August 10th-16th)

This program is for you if you are experiencing any of the below symptoms and are ready to feel supported

~Inconsistent Bowel Movements

~Persistant Skin Issues

~ Gas, Bloating & discomfort especially after eating

~Difficulties falling asleep, staying asleep or waking up unrefreshed

~Brain fog

~Physical Fatigue

~Nutritional Deficiencies

~Poor Stress Tolerance

~Sugar cravings

~Bad Breath

~Hormonal imbalances including Thyroid

~Weakened Immune response, feeling constantly run down

~Food Intolerances/Sensitivities


“Your knowledge is outstanding. I am so grateful to have you as my Wellness Coach”


“Erin, you are a breath of fresh air. Thank you for inspiring and supporting me to live and breathe a healthier lifestyle”

~ Phoebe

“Within moments of speaking with you, I felt comfortable and seen.
I have felt my energy returning, I’m sleeping better and I’m not as bloated”

~ Judith