AromaTouch Technique is a simple yet incredibly transformative method that provides individuals with a relaxing essential oil experience.

I’m honoured to be a Certified AromaTouch Technique Trainer in South Australia, and it’s a role that I absolutely love sharing with my community. This technique is lovingly crafted by Dr David Hill and designed to share the power of essential oils with all people – male, female, young and old.

How it works

AromaTouch uses specific doTERRA essential oils that are designed for their powerful aromatic properties both individually and when combined. Each oil or oil blend is applied safely to the body through careful dosages that gives you a full bodied, relaxing experience.
The AromaTouch technique couples the power of touch with aroma in equal balance, helping to soothe, restore and uplift each individual.
During an AromaTouch technique session, the hand selected oils are applied using specific AromaTouch technique movements. Each session is designed to give you an inspiring experience with essential oils, that allows you to unwind from the chaos of everyday life.
It would be my honour to share this uplifting experience with you. Whether you’re in need of some ‘me time’ or you’re feeling the stresses of life, join me for a beautiful AromaTouch session, and let your body relax, restore and rejuvenate.

What is included in the Certification Course?

The course fee is $180 which includes:

• 8 hours of combined theory and practical training with me in a relaxed group setting

• 8 specifically selected doTERRA essential oils used for the AromaTouch Technique, yours to keep

• AromaTouch Technique Workbook and ongoing educational material

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What past attendees are saying

“This great experience has provided me with another way to use the oils and to provide benefits to others. I would recommend that everyone attend this course and learn the beautiful AromaTouch technique.”

~ Judith Goodwin

“I am so grateful that I was able to complete the AromaTouch Technique Course with Erin. Her generosity with her time and skills has enabled me to provide my family and friends with additional support throughout our doTERRA journey. This technique is something that I look forward to sharing with even more people as time goes on.”

~ Danielle Whitehorn

“This course is one of the best things I have done since opening my original doTerra account. Erin has a way of teaching that is all-inclusive and very easy to understand and she makes everyone feel comfortable. I initially did the Aromatouch course to increase my knowledge of these amazing oils but I did not realise the impact it would have on my life. I now have the ability to give a gift to my family and friends which is like no other and I can support them both emotionally and physically at times of need with a simple but powerful procedure.”

~ Josie Matthews

“After attending the Aromatouch Technique Certification Course with Erin I left on a high feeling very revitalised. I loved connecting with so many like minded individuals and felt such a sense of achievement at the end of the course. I am excited and filled with gratitude that I now get to go and touch many lives with the skills that I have now learnt.”

~ Brooke Holmes

“Attending Erin’s Aromatouch Training was a valuable learning experience for my doTERRA journey. The theory and practical training was delivered with passion, knowledge, guidance and support. The personal experience was amazing, calming & relaxing. “
Grateful to have had the opportunity to experience this great training. “


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