When one drop of oil creates a ripple effect of choice, hope and opportunity across the globe…you know you’ve found something truly special.

The what and why behind doTERRA essential oils

Essential oils are the natural occurring aromatic compounds found in plants, carefully distilled to ensure every drop is pure. I consciously choose to partner with doTERRA who create Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils like no other.

Gifts from Mamma earth. Plant Power. Tiny bottles of bliss.

When you open a bottle of doTERRA essential oil, you’ll instantly connect with its potent and powerful aroma – the benefits of these beautiful oils are vast and amazing! From their enchanting array of scents used in aromatherapy, to providing support in natural health, beauty and low tox living, they’re the perfect companion for those seeking a conscious and mindful life.

From plant magic to powerful philanthropy

Creating pure essential oils requires many helping hands, which is why doTERRA’s co-impact sourcing and Healing Hands Foundation are initiatives that I hold close to my heart.

doTERRA consciously support the farmers, harvesters and distillers who contribute to doTERRA’s oil production around the world – providing medical support, ethical treatment, drinking water, schools and so much more to these developing communities.

Oils of choice, hope and opportunity

After a life-changing trip to Nepal, I saw first hand how doTERRA truly are different. They not only create the highest quality oils in the world, but they choose to make a conscious impact on the communities who help bring these oils into our homes and hearts; there’s no better feeling than witnessing the soul of this company in action!

Watch my transformative trip to Nepal below

Using your essential oils simply and safely

Plants are magical and oh so powerful, and the vast benefits of essential oils can transform your life in many ways! Using your doTERRA essential oils safely is key to creating a supportive, low tox environment for you and your family. Your beautiful oils can be used aromatically, topically and internally.
When you open an essential oil bottle and smell the beautiful aroma, a feeling of being consciously connected to Mamma earth can take over. When smelt, essential oils connect with the limbic system, which unites you to memory, emotions and behaviour.

It’s safe and encouraged to use your beautiful bottles of bliss aromatically by diffusing or simply placing a few drops on your hands and smelling with deep relaxing breaths.

Applying your oils directly to your skin can have amazing benefits for your health, giving you the choice to consciously choose a low tox, chemical free lifestyle.

It’s always recommended to safely apply oils to your skin by coupling them with a carrier oil (I recommend fractionated coconut oil). For the more potent oils, or when using an oil for the first time, the safe usage is 1 drop of oil to 3 drops of carrier oil. Mix, apply and enjoy the beautiful impact these oils can have throughout your day.

Taking your oils internally can be a wonderfully rich experience. You can use them to whip up delicious recipes or as dietary supplements to support many different health conditions, but always follow the label instructions on each unique oil to ensure safe usage.

Beautiful bottles of abundance

doTERRA essential oils not only provide support and abundance physically, spiritually and emotionally, but financially too. My vision for bringing these oils into my home and heart has always been to support others in creating a life of choice, hope and opportunity, and ultimately – freedom!

If you fall wildly in love with your oils (highly likely!) you may want to start exploring your own doTERRA business. This is an exciting, conscious step towards creating a life of abundance, mindfulness and joy.

doTERRA is a collaborative business model where the opportunity for financial abundance is truly limitless. Here’s an overview of what you could earn if you choose to create a doTERRA business.

This doTERRA business model has allowed me to successfully and passionately grow a Blue Diamond business within 2 years, giving both myself and my husband the opportunity to now work from home and be present with our children.

It has also allowed me the opportunity to collaborate with other empowered men and women who are also consciously choosing to claim a life of time and financial freedom.

Create conscious change, one bottle at a time

If you’re feeling inspired in your heart to explore the magical world of essential oils more, The Conscious Collective may be just what you’re seeking!

The Conscious Collective is my amazing doTERRA team, made up of mindful and supportive souls, who are consciously creating change in their life and the lives of others across the world.

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