Creating conscious change, one drop of essential oil at a time

The Conscious Collective is a growing team of empowered individuals, choosing to partner with doTERRA to bring essential oils into the homes and hearts of people around the world. We’re a diverse and beautiful mix of mums, dads, health professionals, teachers, yogi’s and many more!

We’re all unique, but our mission is unified – to create choice, hope and opportunity across the world

The Conscious Collective is rooted in our vision for global change and doTERRA are the perfect company to partner with to make that happen. By working with the magic of essential oils, we’re able to support ourselves and others to create mindful, healthy and low tox lifestyles.
doTERRA not only provide us with the choice to be self empowered in our own health, they’re also leading the way in game-changing philanthropic work that consciously changes the lives of the human beings behind each bottle.

What’s the vibe inside?

At the heart of our team is a nurturing community grounded in self empowerment, to help you life your most abundant and joy-filled life!

Our motto is that you always have a choice and essential oils give you that empowerment to create conscious change for your health, wealth and in the lives of others.

Together we’re consciously shifting back into the power of natural health, and living chemical and additive free lifestyles, one drop of oil magic at a time.

What support do I get when I join?

Choice, hope and opportunity is our lifeblood! When you join our diverse team of mindful beings, you’ll be supported, empowered and educated from day one.

Working with these beautiful essential oils is a lifelong love affair for most, and it’s our intention to support you and guide you on that journey to self empowerment.

Here’s what’s included

Welcome guide and instant support
Upon joining, you’ll receive a welcome email and a getting started guide to get you up and going with ease. You’ll also have ongoing access to your enroller from day one for any questions you may have.
Members only community groups
Our beautiful communities are safe and encouraging. No question is silly – we’re all here to guide you and hold you on your doTERRA journey. We’re in this together!
Private wellness consult
Enjoy a personalised wellness consult with your enroller to give you simple and actionable guidance on using your essential oils.
Business builder program
This optional 5 week business builder program is for you if you’re interested in taking your love for the oils to the next level by starting your own doTERRA business.
Education and empowerment
You won’t be left in the dark with us! You’ll get access to ongoing tools and resources to educate, inspire and empower you. Learn about the benefits of the oils, the many uses of them and how to safely use them. If you do choose to start your own doTERRA business, you’ll get access to everything you need to know to grow your business with ease and flow.

We’re a team of conscious beings, collaborating with doTERRA to create global change, abundance and empowerment.

There’s nothing more powerful than people coming together over one shared mission and The Conscious Collective is our way of creating a ripple effect of mindful change across the globe.
We’re taking back control of our health, wealth and lifestyles and we’re sharing the wonder of these essential oils to help others live their best life too. If you’re called to explore natural health, and create abundance and hope in your life, we’re here to show you how.

Are you in? Woohoo!

Here’s how to join;

Let’s do this. Getting started is simple and only requires two steps.

Step 1: Choose your essential oils starter kit

Bringing the oils into your hands and heart is the first step to beginning your journey.

Choose what kit you’d like to try from the below

Step 2: Get in touch with The Conscious Collective ambassador that sent you here

Contact The Conscious Collective Ambassador that sent you here to let them know you’re ready to join our team. If you haven’t yet connected with anyone, you can contact me directly and I’ll get you all set up.

Your ambassador will setup your account, order your beautiful oils and you’ll instantly be welcomed into The Conscious Collective.

From there it’s all support, empowerment and plenty of community love as you explore your essential oil journey!

Would you like to learn more about what essential oils can do for you?

I’d love to speak with you! Contact me to book in a complimentary consult below.

Kind words from the Conscious Collective Crew

“I am so very grateful to find myself part of Erin’s team. The support we receive here is amazing not only from Erin herself but all of the other leaders. It is like nothing I’ve experienced before. Everyone has such a lovely giving nature that you can’t help but feel valued and respected”

– Josie Matthews

“We feel extremely blessed, grateful and privileged to be a part of Erin’s The Conscious Collective team. A team that feels more like family helping family, even those we have never met. Erin’s support is above and beyond, her knowledge and care is incredible for even the smallest detail, guiding, teaching and encouraging us in this journey. I love that the primary focus of our team is helping people first in whatever their goals are, whether for their health, finances or simply to enjoy doTERRA oils”

– Tammy and Peter Hoffman

“I’ve been part of The Conscious Collective team for 10 months and have used the support, training and encouragement I’ve received to begin my health and wellness business. I’m truly grateful for the ongoing support, education and regular encouragement I receive from Erin and the team as a whole.”

– Kylie Connor

“Erin has been an amazing business and personal support to me through my doTERRA journey. She has set up fantastic teaching resources so that we can reciprocate what she has taught us, to other people in our teams. She’s always there to help her team achieve their goals and devotes an incredible amount of time to others to ensure that.  A wonderful and generous leader!”

– Roanna Frost

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